A great little bagel/breakfast ...
A great little bagel/breakfast to go shop in downtown Bethesda. Sadly, it is completely to go, as they do not have tables. They also tend to get busy (good sign as you have to go where the people go, right?), and it gets very cramped in there. Most people seemed to order bagel sandwiches, which doesnt help the wait. It was minimal th ... read more
Ethan G. via - Dec 5, 2018
This was my first time going into ...
This was my first time going into Bethesda Bagels and my taste buds were not disappointed! They have a 25 variety of bagels and a wide variety is cream cheese. They have a whole wheat everything bagel that made me very happy because it's rare for a bagel shop to dress up a wheat bagel. The bagels are slightly crisp on the outside and ... read more
Ben Y. via - Dec 1, 2018
Best bagels in the area. Bagel dogs are tasty and they have a selection of donuts and muffins in the morning.
Joel Lesch via - Nov 25, 2018
Proper bagels. A rarity in DC.
andrew forsyth via - Nov 23, 2018
Best bagels in Montgomery County and DC!
A Google User via - Nov 9, 2018
The Bagels are great! The sandwiches are awesome!
Bethesda Bagels offers a sandwich of the day. Thursday is oven roasted chicken. I had mine on toasted rye bread with lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts and honey mustard. The chicken was juicy and delicious. The sandwich was divine. They also offer a variety of sandwiches on...More ... read more
sweem2017 via - Nov 8, 2018
Fast friendly service, and great bagels!
Ken Park via - Nov 4, 2018
Pretty good! Line was relatively long at 8:40. There was an immense bulk bagel order being handled by the only cashier on duty before my order was taken - but it allowed the folks making sandwiches to catch up LOL. Generous with the cream cheese. Bagels seem slightly underdone but I'm a picky guy from the Bronx.
Hillel Weinberg via - Oct 25, 2018
Extremely fantastic and dense bagels of every color and flavor, nice service people but be ready with your order. Expect to wait in line as well, but worth it.
Jason Cass via - Oct 21, 2018
Everything a bagel shop should ...
Everything a bagel shop should be! The bagel shop in my hometown misses the mark with microwaved eggs and what a joy it was to have two meals here. We are artists in town for the weekend for the Bethesda Art Show. Two days in a row we have gotten breakfast 1 toasted everything with scrambled egg and pepper jack, day ... read more
Cynthia W. via - Oct 14, 2018
Best bagles in Washington metro area by far.
Chris Nicoletti via - Oct 14, 2018
I've always wondered why this place ...
I've always wondered why this place is busy and I now understand. Their bagels are awesome! Sure, there is a wait sometimes but that didn't bother me at all! I'll wait for a great product and Bethesda Bagels has it down. Definitely check this place out!
Dan D. via - Oct 13, 2018
Everything a bagel should be! Chewy ...
Everything a bagel should be! Chewy, dense and fresh. They have a lot of bagel options and now they serve pizza, which is probably amazing.  Its not just a bagel and cream cheese place either, they have tons of sandwich options. It's always pretty busy in there  but they are pretty good as moving the line along. Bagels aren't just fo ... read more
Chantel E. via - Oct 13, 2018
Great bagels.
Chris Mandell via - Oct 12, 2018
#dc #usa #bagels This store is ...
#dc #usa #bagels This store is located in main street easy to approach. Nice tasty. Good spread cream.
Christine C. via - Oct 11, 2018
Good bagels/sandwiches but a little expensive and the place has a horrible layout. From what I understand, its the original location and they do not wish to relocate so it is cramped on top of the fact It's almost always busy. Worth checking out for breakfast.
Robert Rye via - Oct 10, 2018
Best bagels in the DC area. Lucky to have this in Bethesda. However, expect mediocre service, LONG lines early morning and on weekends, and frequent mess up in your order. Always check your item to make sure they packed or made the correct bagel sandwich or item your paid for.
Jung via - Oct 7, 2018
Sometimes the wait can be long, but the bagels are top-notch!
Brendan Horman via - Sep 28, 2018
Outstanding! Tremendous value! Reason for being!
Frank M via - Sep 26, 2018
Always the absolute best handmade Bagels. Amazing sausage, egg, cheese AND bacon on a toasted bagel. Wow!!
Lee Alexander via - Sep 17, 2018
The five stars are for the bagels only. I dare you to name a better bagel on the east coast. An amazing family who runs this operation. Expect a line out the door almost every time. 😁 ... read more
Nick Stathis via - Sep 11, 2018
Mmmm good bagels yes. Gimme da bagols ... read more
Sam Little via - Sep 11, 2018
Best bagels in the dmv ... read more
Jordan Kuhn via - Sep 2, 2018
Fabulous bagels, and, I lived in New York; I know great bagels!
Emma Hill via - Sep 2, 2018
Good Bagels
If you are in the mood for a bagel and cream cheese, this will definitely do the trick, however, it is not best I've had. They have lots of bagel and cream cheese flavors and the pastries looked yummy!
WanderingTraveler via - Aug 27, 2018
Great Sandwiches, just get coffee from next door
Nice vegan options (tofu spread with or without veggie is really good). You can make is a veggie sandwich, which has lettuce, tomato, avocado, sprouts, onions. Bagels are top notch, portions are good. No restrooms. Coffee is from a machine that is completely sub standard....More ... read more
traveler60893 via - Aug 25, 2018
This place is slamming together ...
This place is slamming together top quality food at affordable prices and speed.  Walk in 15 people in line. Shit no time for this I think.  3 mins later your out the door.  Customer satisfaction 100%  cleanliness 100% service 100%. Major return customer . I am Mr. Bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel.  Everything bagel dogs t ... read more
Matthew F. via - Aug 24, 2018
I’ve been eating bagels here for most of my life and it never disappoints.
Isaac Specter via - Aug 22, 2018
Great bagels, coffee ... read more
H P via - Aug 19, 2018
Long lines, but good bagels for not being in New York City ... read more
Jason Wallach via - Aug 18, 2018
I was in Bethesda for the summer ...
I was in Bethesda for the summer and this was one of the best parts! Most of the food I missed from New York could be found here. The bagels were absolutely perfect but I also have to shout out their deserts. Being able to get the cookies I miss from back home was such an absolute treat! Loved it and  may have to make a trip out from ... read more
Laura H. via - Aug 15, 2018
Best bagels arround ... read more
Matthew Hescock via - Aug 15, 2018
What a great way to start the day but with a fresh bagel sandwich!
Yann Le Renard via - Aug 14, 2018
Stand-up bagel joint with benches outside. Decent bagels with many flavours. Sandwiches are also available for breakfast or lunch. Lines can be long but it moves quickly.
MZ Normann via - Aug 10, 2018
Bethesda Classic
Newly remodeled, it remains as busy as ever for morning or lunch. The bagels are very good. They also offer some classic jewish deli items as well for carry out which are very good. Carry out exclusively. Parking can be a challenge but many walk...More ... read more
laser20814 via - Aug 8, 2018
Worth the wait. Always a long line, but the bagel sandwiches are huge and tasty.
Pat O'Connor via - Aug 1, 2018
The best bagel shop I've ever been ...
The best bagel shop I've ever been to!!! Seriously can not go wrong with any breakfast sandwich or bagel/ cream cheese combo they have. They also do catering trays (pictured below) which are a big hit in our office!
Justine E. via - Jul 31, 2018
Best bagels in the area... Period.
Kitchen Boy via - Jul 20, 2018
Giant donuts are the best ... read more
Luke Budetti via - Jul 19, 2018
As always, the best bagels you will find for miles around. New York style and baked to deliciousness, you won't want to miss out on them.
Satch O. via - Jul 15, 2018
Top bagels ... read more
Will Shield via - Jul 15, 2018
Best place for Bagels and cream cheese! Really love their cream cheese.
Dr. Morteza Delroba via - Jul 15, 2018
Dig 'em, including donuts too!!
Greg Cutler via - Jul 12, 2018
Reminds me of New York! Best bagels in town.
Tewodros Beyene via - Jul 8, 2018
If you're looking for a breakfast ...
If you're looking for a breakfast place in Bethesda, this is the place to go. It's located in the heart of Bethesda in a prime, pedestrian friendly spot. There's a parking garage nearby for easy access. I ordered the BLT with peppered salmon on a cinnamon crunch bagel, I know, odd combination. The sandwich came out amazing and tasted ... read more
Jed R. via - Jul 6, 2018
Lot of bagels, breads and sandwich ...
Lot of bagels, breads and sandwich options. Lunch hours may get a bit hectic but otherwise worth the wait. Definitely recommend ... read more
Deepak .. via - Jul 6, 2018
Wife's Childhood Memory Relived!!!
My wife and I came to Bethesda, MD to celebrate her 20th high school reunion (She never graduated there because her family moved to Massachusetts, but she had many friends who invited her to come). She mentioned that we should check out this place for...More ... read more
Black0ut1983 via - Jul 5, 2018
Yum! First time visiting and I ...
Yum! First time visiting and I went on the morning of Fourth of July, right after a hike at Great Falls, and it definelfy replenished my energy.Great customer service and easily accessible from the various parking garages. Prices are reasonable, about $8.30 for a NOVA bagel sandwich.And I think Betheada Bagels have the BEST bagels in ... read more
Maria L. via - Jul 4, 2018
Surprising little bagel place, has it's own identity in spades and yet keeps the familiar feel of a NY bagel shop. Very creative in its sandwich composition as well.
Ian Terry via - Jul 2, 2018
I'm from nj, and moved to sc. There's no good bagels for miles. I've been stopping by here when visiting a friend when i'm in town. They've been consistently good.
Eric Pagan via - Jun 30, 2018
Always delicious if you're okay with waiting in line!
Eleanor Alvarez via - Jun 27, 2018
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